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Mentor of men

Are you growing in the areas that matter most to you?
Are you really pursuing your ideals & dreams? Or aren’t you not even sure what those are? Are you procrastinating? Are you unknowingly sabotaging yourself? Are you truly stepping up to your calling, that challenge or higher purpose? Do you want to live up to your own standards? To create that life you want for yourself? To feel strong, able & capable as a man. To say what you feel & think. To do what you say. To stand by what you do. To be trusted and acknowledged? This is where I come in

I’ll help you get your shit together. To get in touch again with what matters to you.

For when you’ve lost that spark in work. If your sex life is flatlining or you feel bored & unfulfilled in your relationship. If you’re not living up to whom you’d want to be. If you’re in a rut.

I’m here for those men that fell into society’s trap of checking all the boxes and lost their way. I will work with you on this.

Why me?

I’m not your average mentor. Unlike many mentors & coaches, my background is different. I bring together different parts you won’t come across often:

  • Trained & certified coach
    In personal development & professional communication (credentials).
  • 20 years of high end businesses experienceI don’t only talk the talk; I’ve walked the walk. As an independent consultant I’ve worked for brands like Tikkie, KLM, Ahold, Sara Lee, Vodafone, O'Neill, Tommy Hilfiger, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Samsung, Philips & many more. I’ve led and coached hundreds of people on many award-winning projects and integrated the best business methods to create results into my coaching practice.
  • Spiritual practices… but without getting all huffy fluffy about itOnly narrative techniques & structured business approaches don’t cut it. To ingrain new patterns & behaviours, spiritual practice is paramount. I’ve been on a spiritual path for 10+ years, ranging from meditation, tantra, bodywork, men’s groups til primal therapy.
  • I’ve lived And I’ve lived well. I’ve toured with bands, got married, fathered, divorced, completely failed to fully reset, followed by study & practice in coaching, dating, sex, relationships, tantra, parenting and personal development to actually come back to what actually matters to me in life.
  • I’m trained in multiple martial arts & MMAIt feels weird to mention this. But I cannot deny that being in touch with the primal essence of the masculine is key to a healthy masculine development. To feel capable and safe in confrontations, physically as well as mentally. To tap into that raw power in a controlled way, by being dangerous, but not a danger.

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Location: Ijpromenade 1, 1031 KT Noord-Holland, Nederland

Price: 148.00

Type: coaching

Category: Men, Menswork

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Erik van Nieuwburg